SAP ERP Wholesale and Distribution




Lakhani General Suppliers specializes in importing and distributing food and cleaning products. To speed up business processes, they worked with ACEteK to deploy SAP Business One to automate processes and increase control over inventory.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Previously, all business processes were managed manually, which caused inaccuracies.
  • There was a lack of inventory control.
  • Different systems were not integrated.
  • Lakhani General Suppliers required new software that could coordinate their business processes.

Why SAP Partner and Solution:

  • Other companies within the consumer products industry were very happy with SAP Business One.
  • SAP Business One and ACEteK are a great combination, seamlessly implementing into a business.
  • The ACEteK team provided fast and valuable support and they continue to help whenever a problem arises.

After: Value-Driven Results:

    • Lakhani General Suppliers can now analyze data on a much larger scale.
    • Inventory control has improved by proactively managing and only ordering in the appropriate quantities.
    • All business processes are fully automated and integrated under one system.
    • SAP Business One provides the ability to work remotely.
    • There are never any network issues with SAP Business One.

“SAP Business One is an integrated, user-friendly, and convenient ERP system!”

Shruti Lakhani – CEO at Lakhani General Suppliers