Megha Marketing EA Ltd | Dynamic Business Growth you can Build upon with SAP Business One

Kenyan distributor of building materials Megha Marketing, turned to ACEteK to help them switch to a scalable ERP when their product lines started increasing. By implementing SAP Business One, they can now continue growing with the knowledge that a powerful and reliable system is there to support them.

Products and Services

Cement, paints, tools, TMT bars, pipes and fittings, steel, roofing sheets, wire, timber, and more.

Industry and Sector

Trading – Building Materials.


  • Megha Marketing was increasing the number of product lines they offered.
  • The previous system provided no room for growth.
  • A scalable ERP was required that could seamlessly manage inventory and credit.

Why SAP and ACEteK

  • SAP Business One was recommended by suppliers in the same industry as Megha Marketing.
  • SAP Business One offered flexibility and customization, which suited Megha Marketing’s business needs.
  • ACEteK had successfully implemented SAP Business One for other suppliers


  • SAP Business One makes it possible to predict order quantities, reducing storage costs.
  • Financial reporting has greatly improved.
  • Product pricing can be achieved more accurately.
  • Managing sales and customers’ credit is easier.
  • Real-time data on profitability and performance helps management make better business decisions.
  • SAP Business One helps establish business patterns, which help innovation.