Chantier De Plaisance | Solid High Quality Processes with SAP Business One

Chantier De Plaisance is a wood supplier in Mauritius offering reliable and efficient services. Looking for the ability to tailor-make reports, Chantier De Plaisance requested ACEteK’s help with implementing SAP Business One. They now have the control and accuracy they previously lacked.

Products and Services

Timber supplier and merchants

Industry and Sector

Trading – Timber.


  • Chantier De Plaisance wanted better control over internal processes.
  • There was a need for accurate data and price calculations.
  • The existing security against fraud was not strong enough.
  • An ERP was required that could provide management with the ability to tailor-make reports and support future growth.

Why SAP and ACEteK

  • SAP Business One is a globally recognized and highly recommended system and Chantier De Plaisance found it was the best ERP for the long-term.
  • ACEteK was incredibly helpful at removing all present issues and ensuring everything runs smoothly.


  • Reports are fast and easy to produce, allowing management to make business decisions faster.
  • Time has been saved across all operations thanks to SAP Business One’s internal controls.
  • The approval feature ensures a greater level of control.
  • Real-time data ensures prices and volume inventory are accurately calculated.