Karsan Ramji and Sons Ltd | Cementing a Bright Future with SAP Business One

Producers of cement, Karsan Ramji & Sons, worked with ACEteK to implement SAP Business One to streamline processes. With more accurate record keeping, Karsan Ramji & Sons have experienced tremendous growth improvement.

Products and Services

Cement manufacturer and supplier

Industry and Sector

Mining & Manufacturing – Cement & Ballast.


  • Karsan Ramji & Sons was encountering multiple accounting and record keeping issues.
  • Mistakes were regularly being made, causing inaccuracies with quantities.
  • New software was required that could offer the team better control, with less manual inputting.

Why SAP and ACEteK

  • SAP Business One was easy to use, flexible and could grow with Karsan Ramji & Sons.
  • ACEteK offered all the support Karsan Ramji & Sons needed during implementation and have become the perfect business partner.


  • Karsan Ramji & Sons now have accurate record keeping capabilities.
  • All processes have been streamlined, saving time and removing errors.
  • Data can now be collected in real-time, resulting in faster decision making by management.
  • All departments can now work seamlessly together.