SAJ Ceramics Ltd | SAP Business One – Giving Businesses a Leading Edge

Ceramic tiles producer, Saj Ceramics, implemented SAP Business One into their operations with the help of ACEteK. Remote access has brought confidence to the team, and furthered Saj Ceramics’ reputation among their customers.

Products and Services

Ceramic tiles, bathroom and kitchen equipment, faucets and mixers, furniture and lighting.

Industry and Sector

Manufacturing – Tiles.


  • Saj Ceramics’ previous software lacked precise recording capabilities.
  • The various branches were not connected, which meant data was often inaccurate.
  • New software was required that would unite departments and offer real-time visibility.

Why SAP and ACEteK

  • SAP Business One offered the agility that Saj Ceramics required in their line of work.
  • ACEteK provided strong support before, during and after implementation.
  • ACEteK has adjusted and improved the system to suit all Saj Ceramics’ needs.


  • Since implementation, management now has real-time visibility and control of all sites.
  • Decisions and sales can be made out in the field, thanks to mobile access.
  • Processes are automated, saving time, energy and inaccuracies.
  • Saj Ceramics have support 24/7, so production never has to stop