Man-Hin Group | SAP Business One Deals with Consolidation

The SAP Business One and ACEteK have provided E.A.L Man Hin & Sons, a Honda dealer, with access to real-time data and insights needed to grow their business. There is now consolidation where there was previously only integration, and they can receive data in a reliable and timely manner.

Products and Services

Honda cars, motorbikes, and power equipment 

Industry and Sector

Trading & Service – Automotive.


  • Previously, E.A.L Man Hin & Sons had no way to consolidate data.
  • Different responsibilities couldn’t be segregated.
  • There was need for a system that was more suitable for an SME and could lower costs across finance, sales and customer relations.

Why SAP and ACEteK

  • SAP Business One came highly recommended and offered all the features E.A.L Man Hin & Sons needed.
  • ACEteK provided continuously fast and invaluable support during implementation and beyond.


  • Since implementation, all data is now seamlessly consolidated under one system.
  • Accounting has improved with less time spent data entry.
  • Inventory management is better thanks to improved product visibility and the reduction of stock-outs or excess stock.
  • Information is reliable and is received in real time.
  • Different responsibilities can be segregated.