Wessex Pharmaceuticals Ltd | Improving Businesses’ Digital Health with SAP Business One

Kenyan pharmaceutical supplies company Wessex Pharmaceuticals Limited, worked with ACEteK to deploy SAP Business One to improve their overall business management. With bonus add-ons implemented by ACEteK, processes have been simplified and problems have been solved.

Products and Services


Industry and Sector

Distribution – Medical Products.


  • Wessex Pharmaceuticals’ previous system offered a lack of flexibility.
  • New software was required that could improve business management and offer enhanced visibility of all operations.

Why SAP and ACEteK

  • SAP Business One could improve management across all departments and increase productivity.
  • ACEteK understood the nuances of businesses in Kenya and had add-ons that could solve Wessex Pharmaceuticals’ specific problems.


  • Full traceability of products allows for effective tracking from order placed through to delivery.
  • Identifying the history of customer purchases is now easier.
  • Reports are easily customized, which helps management to make faster business decisions.
  • Thanks to SAP Business One, reports in specific formats can be extracted for the revenue authority portal.
  • Since implementation, batch management has been simplified.
  • SAP Business One helps with the liquidation process seamlessly.
  • Specific types of customers are now automatically grouped together, saving time.