Power Group Technologies Ltd | SAP Business One Empowers Businesses with Efficiency

Installers of engineering solutions, Power Group Technologies, turned to ACEteK and SAP Business One to patch up issues that previously existed. They now enjoy real-time data visibility, which helps management make more informed business decisions.

Products and Services

Specialized equipment, trucks, pickups and machinery that can handle all power systems installations

Industry and Sector

Project-based – Power Systems.


  • Power Group Technologies previously had no ERP system in place.
  • A lot of inconveniences could have been fixed with an ERP.
  • New software was required that could offer flexibility and convenience.

Why SAP and ACEteK

  • SAP Business One is affordable and user-friendly and matched Power Group Technologies’ business needs.
  • ACEteK is a flexible and supportive partner who demonstrated how SAP Business One worked, paying careful consideration to Power Group Technologies’ needs.


  • Since the implementation, operational costs have decreased.
  • Operations are now faster and more efficient.
  • Real-time reports allow management to make real-time decisions quickly.
  • Add-ons have further improved business operations.
  • Cloud-based data has made remote working possible during the Covid-19 lockdown.