Established in 1978, NEL is one of the major distributors of medical equipment and medical consumables in East and Central African region.
NEL has the widest choice of Equipment’s backed by the most skilled technical back-up in the region and also offers Equipment on rental basis and hire purchase.
In 2010 NEL developed a pharmaceuticals distribution division. Having outgrown Tally ERP, the move to ACEteK and SAP Business One was easier after hearing what other customers had to say.


Industry :                       Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals
Sector :                            Distribution and Service
Previous Solution :    Tally ERP


 Limited reporting, limited functionality
 Overreliance on Excel and duplication of work
 Needed fully integrated system to manage growth and risk


 Standardised procedures for order management, sales, purchasing and service execution
 Real-time visibility into status of all processes
 A fully integrated view of all customer information
 Data is integrated with the extended enterprise
 Demand planning and forecasting
 Automated approvals, alerts, controls and reports ensuring the business is running better

“I can keep track of stock, see who has sold it, whether it’s been returned and whether it is still under warranty. A lot less information is falling through the cracks and SAP’s automation features are making our sales reporting processes a lot more timely and targeted.”

“ACEteK have given us value for money”

Raju Dhanani – Director