Customer Testimonial: CHEMOQUIP LTD

SAP ERP Medical Device and Components




Established in 1992, Chemoquip is one of the largest “one stop shop” for laboratory equipment supplies in East and Central Africa, supplying to a number of different institutes and organizations, including: private labs, government labs, reach centers, pharmaceuticals, as well as food, dairy industries, amongst many more.

Have branches in Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania and are exporting to countries such as: Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Somalia and Rwanda.

Having outgrown Tally ERP, decision to move to SAP Business One and ACEteK was taken as it gave the best returns on investment.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Overreliance on Excel and duplication of work
  • Limited reporting, limited functionality
  • Needed CRM and workshop fully integrated with stocks and finance to better manage growth and satisfy customers

After: Value-Driven Results:

  • Less business risk due to robust serialized inventory control
  • Future-proofed technology investment that grows with business
  • Improved performance visibility for sales team and better insight into overall company performance
  • Better service tracking and delivery to customers

“ACEteK’s commitment to the project ensured that what we wanted as a return on our investment, was delivered within budget.”


Feroz Nawab – Director