Customer Testimonial: MJENGO LTD




Mjengo Limited was established in 1991 with the intention to wholesale in building materials. It soon saw more potential and diversified to trading in commodities. The organization has since become East Africa’s leading manufacturer.


Over time, Mjengo Limited grew into one of Kenya’s largest Trading Companies dealing with Agro Commodity products and further added on Distribution lines from locally manufactured Goods. With the onset of margin depletion in the trading business and less profitability, the Company restructured its entire Business plan for sustainable business growth from 2001. More focus was given on Distribution and Development of it’s own Branded Products. It was then that the “Daawat” Rice Business was established.


Before: Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Need for transparency in the manufacturing process
  • Reporting was time consuming and slow
  • Inventory controls required
  • Dependence on staff for information

After: Value-Driven Results:

  • We have now Better decisions, better insight to action, Accessing relevant information.
  • We can now trace our products back to their source of origin in seconds
  • Improved forecasting effectiveness and better purchase decisions using Interactive Analysis.

With SAP Business One, we are experiencing significant speed and performance improvements when it comes to reporting. We can now run key reports without stressing our transactional system.

Director Mjengo Limited