Dabasia Builders is a leading Nairobi-based general contractor for single and multi-story buildings and rated among the Top construction Companies in Kenya.
Since conception the company has undertaken a number of residential and commercial projects in various parts of Kenya.
As Dabasia grew with the construction boom, there was a strong need to select a system that will be an investment for the next 15-20 years. SAP Business One from ACEteK was selected ahead of other solutions like Dynamics and Evolution as it offered the best long term return on investment.


Industry :                          Construction

Sector :                               Engineering and Construction

Previous Solution :       Manual


 Continue to promote rapidly accelerating business growth
 Increase process efficiency and, in turn, reduce risks


 Project-related Purchase, Warehouses and stock Management
 Up-to date project analysis
 Variable contracts and Sub-contractor Management
 Resource Utilization and Equipment Maintenance
 Project-related Budgets and Costs
 Exception reporting with Alerts and Approvals
 Flexible and scalable platform that can grow with the company

“The biggest benefit is the ability to see operations from a different viewpoint. We can get a lot of information in a timely manner and take action instead of when it is too late.”

“The ACEteK support team is very responsive and we have found that the organization as a whole is easy to deal with.”

Manish Dabasia – Director