Customer Testimonial: NICE HOUSE OF PLASTICS

SAP ERP Plastics




Nice House of Plastics was founded in the year 1970. They are dedicated to effectiveness and efficiency through their dynamic product designs and innovative new plastic products that continue to add value to improving human livelihood. From agricultures, furniture, packaging, tableware, toothbrushes to washing and writing instruments. Over the years, they have not only introduced new products for the home but also agriculture and industrial sector.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Disparate systems making it difficult to track records
  • Delayed reporting due to disintegrated systems
  • Errors due to combining data from different platforms
  • Lack of controls on the legacy systems

After: Value-Driven Results:

  • Integrated systems where data is readily available on a uniform platform
  • Faster & efficient decision making due to availability of data
  • Improved staff productivity across departments
  • Custom made solutions saved over all time taken
  • Reporting made simpler with readily available data

“With ACEteK team, we were able to systematically transfer all data from our legacy system to the new system with better understanding.

Paul Obiero-COO Nice House of Plastics