SAP ERP Discrete and Process Manufacturing




Safari Stationers (K) Limited is a manufacturer of school, office and general stationery, Photocopy paper and Envelopes. Safari’s main brand in the market is Safari Brand. They produce high quality products which are pocket friendly across all the users of different social classes, the company has experienced consistent growth and is on course to become one of the largest stationery Manufacturers in East and Central Africa in terms of market share and production output.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Decision making dependent on reports from subordinates
  • Report generation time consuming
  • Integration of departments required
  • Real time information retrieval was a major challenge

After: Value-Driven Results:

  • Better decision making due to readily available reports
  • Integrated systems allow better overview of all departments
  • Tighter controls on the systems
  • Reduced time taken to retrieve information
  • Ease of user interaction with the systems

SAP Business One has not only provided ease of use but has also increased stability in turn increasing efficiency and reliability on the systems

 CEO at Safari Stationers Limited