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ERP for Industrial Supply: More Than Functionality and Price Point

Business Transformation Requires a Team

Selecting the right software is only the start of the process, as the real benefits to the bottom line are made by transforming the means the company does business. Making significant strides in business transformation requires an experienced team to conduct thorough evaluations of both process and technology capabilities coupled with a comprehensive change management approach to drive success across all facets of the business.

The Critical Components for ERP

Our deep understanding of Industrial Supply coupled with our vast ERP experience enables companies to achieve new levels of success.  To achieve this goal, the following critical ERP components are essential:

  • Collaboration and cost control throughout the entire Supply Chain
  • Real time inventory and warehouse management to improve inventory visibility, control, throughput and velocity
  • Robust engineering change and quality management to keep up with the ever fluctuating demands
  • Streamlining production methods and requirements planning by applying Lean principles and eliminating non value add activities
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to track and build/improve customer relations to move beyond the commodity mentality