Customer Testimonial: Vish Electric Limited

SAP ERP Project, Construction and Engineering




Founded in Kenya in 1993, Vishelectric Limited asked worked with ACEteK to implement SAP Business One. They have quickly become one of the leading players in the lighting industry in East and Central Africa.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Vishelectric Limited outgrew their locally created programs.
  • A new system was needed that could provide connectivity across branches.

Why SAP Partner and Solution:

  • SAP Business One catered to Vishelectric Limited’s needs, provided flexibility.
  • SAP Business One could grow with the business.
  • ACEteK was quick to provide the service that was needed.

After: Value-Driven Results:

  • Since implementation, Vishelectric Limited’s inventory control has improved.
  • There is communication across branches.
  • Order numbers can be easily tracked.
  • Efficient operations save time and effort.
  • Reports on stock, profitability, and sales can be easily created.
  • Business processes can be tracked at anytime.


“SAP Business One is very efficient and has given us more information than any other program.”

Paresh Shah

Vishelectric Ltd