Who is SAP Business One (B1) Partner in Kenya?

SAP Business One ERP

Who is SAP Business One (B1) Partner in Kenya?


SAP Business One ERP


A major pandemic brought our businesses and lives to a standstill a few years ago with African Countries being hit in the worse way especially their businesses. This brought about the need for SMEs to venture into new technological solutions that would allow them to oversee their businesses remotely. This not only equipped them with the means to manage their businesses effectively but also remotely allowing the continuity of the business.

This in turn gave rise to a top choice ERP, SAP Business One, being adopted not only in Kenya but across various countries. Businesses and organizations in Nairobi and Mombasa thought it was time to take up the transformation to a digital journey which would allow the sustainable growth of their businesses.

With more than 20 years of experience, ACEteK Software Limited provided businesses in Nairobi and Mombasa/ achieve complete control over their businesses with SAP Business One ERP Solutions.

This industry-specific and affordable business management ERP solution, SAP Business One, for Small and Medium businesses is reporting-ready, extensible, scalable and flexible.

If you’re reading this and struggling with your legacy software system, you probably already know that ERP software implementation is in your future, but here are the signs that you definitely need new ERP software starting today:

The basics aren’t letting you grow: Perhaps you’ve been doing fine with basics, but if your current software is putting limits on your market expansion and ability to grow on a global scale, it may be time for a better ERP system that does.

You’re dealing with disparate systems: As technology changes, you’re noticing that your disparate systems don’t work well together. You may notice that your new accounting software isn’t compatible with your old HR system, and you’re tired of wasting time and resources trying to stitch a solution together.

You can’t meet customer expectations: If your staff and customers are mobile and your system isn’t accommodating them, it’s time to invest in an ERP system that meets everyone’s needs. If you feel like you can’t afford to invest in meeting your customer’s expectations, and you’re not willing to give your staff the tools they need to succeed, you’ll lose them to a competing business pure and simple.

Everything you need to know about SAP Business One: https://aceteksoftware.com/sap-business-one-b1-erp-software-system/


Which ERP is Right for your Small/Medium Business in Nairobi/Mombasa – Kenya?

We come across many ERP Solutions that are designed to meet the needs of large organizations leaving behind the needs of small and medium businesses. SAP Business One comes into play as it caters for meeting the needs of such organizations and helping them thrive in the market.  SAP Business One equips businesses with the necessary tools to meet the challenges and allows them to grow.

With SAP Business One ERP, you are getting an integrated software system and management solution with modules and features that will increase control over your business and are designed to grow with you. Streamline key processes, gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information to drive profitable growth. With SAP Business One, you’ll benefit from:

  • End-to-end business automation
  • Accurate real-time reporting and analytics
  • Complete operational visibility and control
  • Customized features to meet industry-specific requirements
  • Access to critical data anytime, anywhere
  • Lower technology costs and quick time to value
  • SAP HANA in-memory computing to supercharge performance

Want to know in detail the modules and features? Learn more on: https://aceteksoftware.com/sap-business-one-erp-software-system-modules/

Why ACEteK for SAP Business One ERP – Our Footprint

Every business is a series of diverse processes. In order for your business to flourish, eliminating complexity in your process is a must. ACEteK is the key that simplifies all your complications. Industries looking for on-time delivery of budget-friendly, cost-effective and state-of-the-art IT ERP solutions can certainly turn to ACEteK. We play a vital role in marketing and developing our own products and aim to stand out by providing customized solutions for your unaccustomed problems.





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At ACEteK, hundreds of companies have come to us for service and support of SAP Business One. We have more to offer: more expertise, more experience, more coverage options, and more technologies.


Assists in issuing different levels of SAP Business One licenses for different kinds of users

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Consultation & Implementation

Offer a simplified, yet comprehensive approach with a proven methodology leveraging industry best practices to ensure your project is successful

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Will train your team with accurate knowledge on using SAP Business One and how it can benefit your business, from new to advanced users

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Migration & Upgrades

Provide seamless and completely hassle-free migration and upgrades

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Our support program enables us to provide the most value and is one reason for our high customer engagement and retention rates

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Our deep experience in customizing allows our customers to maximize their ROI

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Watch their Testimonies here: https://aceteksoftware.com/sap-business-one-erp-software-customer-videos/

You‘re not alone
We’ve helped customers tackle their Biggest Problems

Below are ten issues we’ve helped many of our customers in Nairobi, Mombasa and all over Kenya resolve with SAP Business One ERP

  • The market price is shrinking margins
  • Competition is reducing sales
  • Fraud wiping out profits
  • Higher costs chewing into profitability
  • Credit exposure impacting cash flow and bad debts
  • Lack of time hindering strategy and growth
  • Disruptions and delays impacting the bottom line
  • Changing market affecting sales and planning
  • Shrinking margins increasing risks and exposure
  • Stockouts leading to lost opportunities

Learn more about what our customers have to say about us here: https://aceteksoftware.com/sap-erp-software-customer-case-studies/