Today Saj Ceramics remains a focal point within the Kenyan and East African market. With over 20 years of experience, the fully equipped and experienced team at Saj Ceramics continues to revolutionize the industry by setting trends within the marketplace and meeting the demands of a continuously expanding customer base.
As Saj ceramics grew with the construction boom, there was a strong need to select a system that will grow and meet the dynamic changes of the business world. SAP Business One from ACEteK was chosen to bring about digital transformation within their business.


Industry :                       Manufacturing
Sector :                            Tiles
Previous Solution :       Tally


 Difficult to keep track of all the data in different locations
 Stock Mismatch due to disintegrated systems
 Limited controls led to errors
 Manual records difficult to handle and prone to loss


 Monitor production deviations, traceability & quality
 Improve forecasting & inventory demand planning
 Reduce lost opportunities & delivery time
 Act faster to market demands & trends
 Manage pricing, promotions, targets & credit exposure.

“SAP allows for mobility and in today’s day and age it is very important as decisions need to be made in the field.”

“The ACEteK team has made sure the transition to the new system was systematic and smooth.”
Akash Parmar – Director