SAP Business One - High Return On Investment, Low Cost of Ownership

Grow in any direction – with SAP solutions for small business and midsize companies.


Do you want to:

  • Focus on growing your business profitably
  • Optimize cash flow for business needs
  • Access the right information to make smart business decisions
  • Build and maintain closer customer relationships
  • Minimize errors and delays 


Want to run your business better?

“If you are looking to improve workflow, output of information and save time and money, then SAP Business One has done exactly that”

Paul Chege - CEO
Highlands Mineral Water Ltd

“Our productivity was so much better that we could absorb 50% more business without staffing up. And with all the new visibility, we were able to increase our chances of seizing the most profitable opportunities.”

Nirav Pomal – General Manager
Mineral Enterprises Ltd

“Controls are in place, traceability is in place, and the business has the visibility it requires to make decisions”

Mukarram Jafferjee - Director
Tarmal Wire Products Ltd

The SAP ERP Advantage : Return on Investment

Manufacturing and Asset Optimization

17% Higher return on assets where an asset management system is integrated with other enterprise systems

18% Lower manufacturing cycle time when all key performance indicators are monitored, measured, analyzed, and controlled automatically

Human Resource

17% More employees trained where regular evaluation of employee development needs is performed as part of performance appraisal

8% Higher employee engagement gained from implementing training programs that develop the workforce in line with organizational objectives

Project Based and Managed Service Delivery

19% Higher sales achievement when sales and business development adopt collaborative opportunity management

60% Higher average annual savings for organizations with high maturity and leadership in procurement strategy

Business Development and Sales

17% Higher achievement of quota by field sales when the sales pipeline is optimized, ensuring that cross-and add-on opportunities are pursued proactively

39% Lower average sales cycle length where organizations have high maturity in quotation and order-management processes

Customer Service

9% Increase in first-call resolution rates when rules-based guidance is preconfigured and used to help agents during customer interactions

7% Higher customer satisfaction where detailed customer profiles, transaction history, preferences are maintained

Supply Chain

12% Lower days in inventory in organizations where forecasts are dynamic and updated Frequently

25% Lower inventory carrying costs when technology tools are used during the receiving process to optimize inventory accuracy and labor costs


34% Higher operating margin for organizations where the cost accounting system supports cost analysis along multiple dimensions

24% Lower cycle time for forecast in organizations with access to a financial cockpit providing a timely view into a predefined set of key metrics


25% Lower PO error rate where contract compliance is directed, or even mandated, by system controls

30% Higher average annual savings for organizations that operate a single, integrated procurement system


8% Higher revenue per employee for organizations with higher percentage of users with mobile access to CRM

24% Higher operating margins where enterprise mobility is embedded in all business processes


20% Higher revenue per employee in organizations that are using information to identify strategic and competitive advantages

26% Higher inventory turns with warehouse analytics


Want to run your business better?