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Customer Success Story: Yare Centre Limited

REAL-ESTATE INTRODUCTION Yare Centre Limited is a commercial real estate company that offers various rental options from Go-downs to shops in East Leigh, Nairobi Kenya. SAP Business One from ACEteK was opted for by Yare Centre to incorporate their business needs into one single system and keep up with the ever changing needs of the […]

Justifying an ERP Investment?

Justifying an ERP Investment? Start Here How does today’s manufacturer go about justifying an ERP investment? The effort involves determining an expected return on investment, anticipating total costs and fully documenting the business case for investing in a new or upgraded system. It’s critical to document the business reasons for an investment in ERP, as […]

In Search of ERP for the Pharmaceutical Industry

In Search of ERP for the Pharmaceutical Industry Companies that produce pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other highly regulated products face a specific set of requirements when it comes to ERP selection. These processors must meet stringent mandates by the FDA and international agencies, thus they seek ERP systems that help manage compliance with regulations such as […]

SAP Business One for Distribution

5 Benefits of Enterprise Systems for Distribution Companies Here are five benefits of leveraging enterprise technology for distribution companies: Enhanced Real-time Visibility: When distribution enterprise systems are integrated throughout the enterprise, the team gets a clear and complete picture of overall operations. Integrating the systems that run critical functions helps maintain optimal inventory levels, facilitates quick movement […]

SAP Business One for machine and equipment

ERP for Industrial Supply: More Than Functionality and Price Point Business Transformation Requires a Team Selecting the right software is only the start of the process, as the real benefits to the bottom line are made by transforming the means the company does business. Making significant strides in business transformation requires an experienced team to […]

SAP Business One for Manufacturing

SAP Business One for Manufacturing Transform your Manufacturing Business: Why do manufacturers need a business solution that includes strong traceability capabilities? The simple response is that they can’t afford not to. Without an effective plan to manage and mitigate a recall, a hard-earned positive reputation and brand image could be irreparably damaged. The bottom line […]


TILE MANUFACTURING INTRODUCTION Today Saj Ceramics remains a focal point within the Kenyan and East African market. With over 20 years of experience, the fully equipped and experienced team at Saj Ceramics continues to revolutionize the industry by setting trends within the marketplace and meeting the demands of a continuously expanding customer base. As Saj […]


TRADING SECTOR- BUILDING MATERIALS INTRODUCTION ASL Limited – Trading Division is a Ramco Ekon company which is operational since 1954. One of the leading importer and suppliers of hardware, building materials and electrical products in Kenya with 6 comprehensive showrooms. ASL Limited – Trading Division is an authorized distributor for several world known brands from […]


FOOD & BEVERAGES INTRODUCTION Established in 1954, is one of the pioneers of the soft drinks industry in Kenya. Highlands boasts of a wide portfolio which includes bottled water, Highlands Cordials, CLUB carbonated soft drinks and RIO ready-to drink juices. In a competitive market dominated by international and local brands, Highlands embarked on transforming their […]