SAP Business One is a business management software that contains modules accessed by users to manage business operations and data.  These modules contain various functionality sets and are integrated to bring greater visibility, efficiency and productivity to growing small and midsize businesses.

What is the concept of modules in SAP Business One?

When we talk about modules in SAP Business One, we are talking about a collection of functionality sets for business process that are organized by business department.  Modules are accessed independently but are integrated so that business processes and the way users enter business data is made more efficient.  Unlike software solutions that require you to pick and choose the modules you want to include, SAP Business One modules are included and available for any user with a professional user license.  If you'd like you can restrict the modules accessed by professional users, or control the modules available by purchasing a limited user license.

What modules are included in SAP Business One?

The modules in SAP Business One are located in a left hand menu when you open the software.  They can also be accessed from the top navigation drop down menu called "Modules."  These are the modules included in SAP Business One:

Administration:  Contains user administration and system settings.

  • Financials:  Contains accounting, chart of accounts, postings and financial reports
  • CRM:  Contains activities and marketing
  • Opportunities:  Contains sales opportunity records and reports
  • Sales – AR:  Controls sales quotes, sales orders, deliveries and invoices
  • Purchasing – AP:  Controls purchase quotations, purchase orders, goods receipts and vendor payments
  • Business Partners:  Manage leads, customers and vendors along with their respective address and contact details
  • Banking:  Contains incoming and outgoing payments and bank reconciliation
  • Inventory:  Manage all the items you buy and sell including all details
  • Resources:  Contains resource master data and resource capacity planning
  • Production:  Controls bills of material, production orders, routing and all manufacturing details
  • MRP:  Contains a wizard to control inputs of demand in order to create recommendations for make and buy scenarios
  • Service:  Controls service contracts, customer equipment cards, service calls, and field service management
  • Project Management:  Contains projects, project tasks and issues, and project financial summaries
  • Human Resources:  Controls employee master data
  • Reports:  Contains out of the box reports across all modules

Further information can be found from What Is Included In SAP Business One

How do you determine what modules can be accessed by users?

Control user access to modules through one of 2 ways:  By License Type, or through Security & Administration.  Licenses are either Professional or Limited user types.  Professional users have access to all the modules, limited users are given access to modules specific to finance, sales or logistics.  For companies with 1-5 users you could consider the Starter Package license which further limits the modules included.

What modules can be accessed through the mobile app?

The SAP Business One mobile app contains these modules:  Activities, Approvals, Alerts, Business Partners, Inventory, Price Lists, Sales Opportunities, Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery, Service Contract, Service Call, Reports, and Dashboards.  In general you must have either a professional, limited, or mobile user license to access the SAP Business One mobile app.  For more info on mobile, review SAP Business One mobile.


SAP provides best-in-class business management software in SAP Business One by including functional modules to help manage processes and data for small and midsize businesses.  The core functionality provided includes 90% of what all businesses need, and should your business require further modules or functionality we have access to over 500 add-on products that expand the breadth and depth of your solution.
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